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Why read about the latest sports science?

Reading the latest sports science will make you a better strength coach, personal trainer, or sports medicine professional.

You can learn how to:

+ build strength, size, and power more quickly,

+ lose weight more successfully,

+ program exercises that transfer better to different sports, and

+ rehabilitate injuries faster.


Dozens and dozens of new sports science studies are published every single day. It would take you days and days to figure out which are the most important for you, and to read through the full papers of those studies every month!

So what is the solution?


The S&C Research Review!

The S&C Research Review provides very concise and easily-understood summaries of the latest science, every month.

You get the benefit of the latest sports science, without spending hours deciphering difficult technical terminology.


How does the S&C Research Review work?

The S&C Research review breaks down each study into its component parts, so you can understand it easily

Each edition includes:

+ a detailed editorial on a single performance topic, such as strength, rate of force development, or hypertrophy; and

+ 50 short study reviews, including hyperlinks to either the abstract and/or the full text of the study, where they are available.

+ both PDF and e-reader formats (kindle and iPad), so you can read the edition whenever you have spare time.


And the whole deal only costs about the same price as 2 cups of decent coffee, at just $10 a month!

So even if you only read the special topic editorial, and skim through the 50 study reviews that interest you, it is still amazing value for money.


How can you subscribe?

We have made it really easy to subscribe to the S&C Research Review.

You just need to set up a recurring payment profile using your PayPal account. You can do this either monthly or annually.

The really good thing for you about using PayPal to create the recurring payment is that YOU keep complete control over whether you pay every month.

Unlike other recurring payments that you set up through your bank account, when you use PayPal, you can unsubscribe at any time you like with no penalty at all.


Get started now!

Don't wait! Get started now, because then you will get the next edition of the review. Based on what our subscribers say, you will not be disappointed!

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